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Monday, March 22, 2010


I've always enjoyed poetry. For numerous reasons I won't go into here (but would love to discuss over a Guinness sometime), poetry has always had a way of slowing me down and reminding me of simple truths.

My desire for instant gratification, however, makes me want to rush through a poem, understand it, glean a nugget of truth (to quote to someone else), and move on to the next stanza. But a new iPhone app called PoemFlow has reminded me to slow down to enjoy 2 minutes with a classic poem.

Basically, every day a new poem is delivered to the app. So, when you open the app, you tap the new poem and up pops the text. But the cool part is to turn the device ninety degrees, and the poem begins to flow. Just a few words at a time across the screen.

For me, it is a great example of what it looks like to slow down and simplify in the midst of my busyness. I am forced to take the poem slowly, intentionally. I can digest it and enjoy it more than rushing through a few blocks of text. It reminds me of the time tested Scripture reading practice called Lectio Divina. Google it. It's a method of allowing the Word to slowly, intentionally seep deep into the marrow of your soul. Drinking deeply. Soul-thirst satisfying.

Lectio Divina is what informed great poets like Jesuit priest Gerard Manley Hopkins to write poems like Pied Beauty, one of my favorites...especially in PoemFlow.

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